Judi Vreeland

Judi Vreeland searched the world for what she finally found inside herself: a talent to express through art the inspiration that comes from seeing beauty in every sort of land, water, and sky. At the same time she was exploring different forms of art to discover her own style.
The result is the use of acrylic paint and torn paper that produces art with texture, color, paper shapes and images that she can control to varying effect. It is a medium that can be softly mysterious or intensely graphic. The wooden substrate is under painted using acrylic paint before any torn paper is applied. Judi uses various kinds of paper including rice, artist tissue, old books, hymnals, music, artist paper, and just about anything that can be painted and torn by hand.
At last count she and her husband, Victor, have taken over 25 cruises to such diverse lands as Greece, Egypt, Chili, Russia, England, Spain, Germany Mexico, and more. Each place offered its unique forms and colors, some of which left deep impressions that are revealing themselves in her work.
Judi began to explore artistic expression after her mother passed away in 2002. She rescued her mother’s easel and art supplies, though she didn’t know why. She stared a blank canvas for months while her husband encouraged her to study art.
Using the internet, DVDs and countless books, Judi began building her foundation as an artist. With inspiration and studying with Rebecca Neef, Natalie Cooke, and Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, Judi worked in oils, acrylics and other mediums, using brushes and palette knives, until her own style and preference began to emerge.
Judi is an active member of the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild in Bastrop, Texas. Her art is in many private collections. It may be seen by visiting the Bastrop Fine Arts Gallery at 815 Main Street in downtown Bastrop, Texas or viewed online at www. judivreeland.com.